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Novel High Pressure X-ray Techniques

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We work on the development of novel high pressure X-ray techniques, particularly, the nanoscale transmission X-ray microscopy (nanoTXM) technique and ultrafast characterization techniques for the dynamical compressions.

Dynamically Compressed diagram

Ultrafast Characterization for the Dynamically Compressed Materials

A shockwave is the fastest mechanical loading we can achieve and provides a nearly instantaneous change in thermodynamic conditions. The unshocked and shock-compressed materials are assumed to be in equilibrium via application of the Rankine-Hugoniot relations. However, at the shock-front itself, the interface between shocked and unshocked, the material is always far from equilibrium, at a maximum entropy condition.

Novel High Pressure Xray Diagram

Nanoscale Transmission X-ray Microscopy (nanoTXM)

NanoTXM within a DAC has exciting potential as a powerful 3D probe for non-destructive, nanoscale (<40nm) resolution of multiple crystalline and amorphous phases which are synthesized under extreme conditions. The ability to tune the incident energy range allows access to elemental edges for near edge scans to map coordination and oxidation states, and provide quantitative composition information within the sample (Lin et al. 2011, Liu et al. 2014).