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Apply To Our Graduate Program

We are always looking for new Ph.D. students with a background and interest in any of the many fields high pressure science intersects.

Research Areas

Mineral Physics of Earth and Planetary Interiors

With the rapid advances of the past decade in ultrahigh-pressure x-ray synchrotron technology, researchers are now able to tackle some of the most fundamental, long-standing questions regarding...

New Materials under Extreme Environments

Extreme environments provide a much broader arena in which to search for materials with desirable properties.  This is an emerging field which holds great promise for the discovery of unique...

Novel High Pressure X-ray Techniques

We work on the development of novel high pressure X-ray techniques, particularly, the nanoscale transmission X-ray microscopy (nanoTXM) technique and ultrafast characterization techniques for the...

News & Announcements

February 25, 2020

Stanford research maps a faster, easier way to build diamond

Sulgi, Wendy, and Yu's Science Advances paper featured in Stanford News.

June 17, 2018

Sulgi, Mary, and Dylan walk at Stanford Commencement!

February 21, 2018

In a First, Tiny Diamond Anvils Trigger Chemical Reactions by Squeezing

Wendy and Yu featured in SLAC News.

Recent Publications

  • Sub-10-nm graphene nanoribbons with atomically smooth edges from squashed carbon nanotubes

    C. Chen, Y. Lin, W. Zhou, M. Gong, Z. He, F. Shi, X. Li, J.Z. Wu, K.T. Lam, J.N. Wang, F. Yang, Q. Zeng, J. Guo, W. Gao, J.-M. Zuo, J. Liu, G. Hong, A.L. Antaris, M.-C. Lin, W.L. Mao, and H. Dai, Nat. Electron. 4, 653, 2021. (LINK)

  • High Pressure Brillouin Spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction of Cerium Dioxide

    M. Frost, J.D. Lazarz, A.L. Levitan, V.B. Prakapenka, P. Sun, S.N. Tkachev, H. Yang, S.H. Glenzer, and A.E. Gleason, Materials 14, 3683, 2021. (LINK)

  • Ultrafast X-ray Diffraction Study of a Shock-Compressed Iron Meteorite above 100 GPa

    S. Tecklenburg, R. Colina-Ruiz, S. Hok, C. Bolme, E. Galtier, E. Granados, A. Hashim, H.J. Lee, S. Merkel, B. Morrow, B. Nagler, K. Ramos, D. Rittman, R. Walroth, W.L. Mao, and A.E. Gleason, Minerals 11, 567, 2021. (LINK)

  • Noble gas incorporation into silicate glasses: implications for planetary volatile storage

    H. Yang, A.E. Gleason, S.N. Tkachev, B. Chen, R. Jeanloz, and W.L. MaoGeochem. Perspect. Lett. 17, 1, 2021. (LINK)